About The Cool Kitchen


It all started in 2014 when our CEO decided to start a lifestyle blog centered around her lovely neighborhood, Harlem, NY. Initially, she studied some marketing in college and decided to apply what she learned to her own blog. She was later approached on LinkedIn by a company looking for a freelance social media associate for an entry-level remote job. This opportunity, along with another career revelation, helped her transition her aspirations from a writer to an entrepreneur.

From there she has been able to find her sweet spot providing launching and marketing resources to small and new businesses in food, tech, and lifestyle spaces.

Over time her ability to launch brands and products via operations and marketing has grown into her favorite part of being an entrepreneur! She has been on the launch teams for three mega supermarkets and a chain restaurant. She's also helped a client with $3k in sales for one week, and another client gained $5k through email marketing for Black Friday with her assistance. 

She has additionally been creating content for 7 years including, blogs, social media content, emails, and paid and in-house marketing. As well as, assisting with digital marketing, mainly email marketing, automations, and sequences.

And now she has a team of other professional marketers that would love nothing more than to take your business to the next level.

Our Philosophy

Creating a culture of inclusiveness, togetherness, and belonging where all are welcome.

Exceeding customer expectations in everything we do and holding ourselves accountable at every step.

Embracing change and innovation and looking for new ways to grow our organization and ourselves.